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Web Development

When it comes to the development of a website for our customers we follow the same methodology as for our other services. By listening to the needs and requirements of our customers we are able to create tailor-made websites which deliver the desired value to our clients. Here we offer a wide range of complexity as we can build single static pages but also complex web platforms that include a variety of different features. The client has the option to choose whether he prefers a solution built from scratch or a solution relying on frameworks such as WordPress. In either case, OT will create a state-of-the-art website with high usability, efficiency, and great responsiveness.

Value of a website

In a digital age, the website is often the first point of contact for potential new customers. This effect was even intensified by the Covid-19 pandemic. So if a company wants to win new customers or stand out from the competition it will need a website that is modern, responsive, and presents your company as you want it to.

People brainstorming

How we develop websites

As stated in the previous section we offer a flexible way of development. However, in the end, the process will always consist of the following steps.

  • Define the goals and requirements
  • Determine the best way of development
  • We develop the features and run through feedback loops
  • The final product is ready for the launch

App Development

Applications connected to a mobile, tablet or watch are essential when creating a personalized application for the target audience. Mobile applications have become important in the upcoming age of quick navigational and personalized needs. We provide services to design and develop custom applications with the latest trends to ensure a good User Experience with features such as audio/video calling, social media features, notifications and so on with accessibility settings for users to configure their needs.

We provide the following services regarding application development:

Developed iOS application
  • User Interface Design: Prototyping (High and Low fidelity), A/B Testing and responsive design
  • User Experience Research: User Interviews, qualitative and quantitative research
  • App Development: developing of frontend and backend for iOS, Android and other platforms.

Interface Design

Interface Design, User Interface(UI) Design, User Experience(UX) Design, Web Design and App Design are common terms used for designing a website, application, software, platform or a product.

Design is one of the most important aspects of every successful company such as Apple, Airbnb, Facebook (now Meta), and Google; making sure that their users are always satisfied using their products. We design websites, platforms, mobile applications, smartwatch applications, dedicated software and analytical dashboards for all industries.

We provide the following services:

Innovation through ideas
  • Building mockups and prototypes
  • Conducting interviews and gathering feedback from users
  • Creating a design system for the application
  • Creating high-fidelity prototypes and converting them to easy to execute code for developers.
  • Maintaining the design system and creating additional concepts
  • Workshops and Brainstorming sessions
  • Information Architecture and data visualisation
  • Usability Testing
  • UX Research
  • Design iterations to keep it to the market level