Oberkassel Tech's Guide to build a mobile application
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Building Apps

As for most things building apps starts with an idea.

How to start?

Before starting with the development of an app you should think about and answer the following questions:

  1. What will be the key benefit of the app?
  2. Who will use the app?
  3. When do I need the app to be finished?
  4. What is my budget?
  5. On which platforms should the app be available (e.g. iOS, Android)?

Defining the features of your app

Once these things are sorted out you can start by sketching out the features your app should have. Here there are two possible approaches. First, you start by thinking of everything the app should be able to do. Second, you approach your future customers and stakeholders and let them define the features they would need in the app. Of course, you can also go ahead and combine both approaches. On completion of this step, a difficult step will follow.

...approach your future customers and stakeholders and let them define the features they would need in the app...

Defining the MVP

Most of the time we have a billion ideas of features the app should have but if they would all be developed it would take ages to finish. That is why it is now time to pick out the features that are a must-have for your app and which be part of the minimal viable product (MVP). The MVP will help you, later on, to get a proof of concept when launching your first beta. However, until the beta can be launched there are still a lot more things to do.

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When you now got your MVP at hand it is time for development. If you are familiar with app programming you can build it yourself. In most cases, you are not a programmer and will need somebody to build your app. So now your app is being built. Over the next few weeks or months, all of the features will be built until your MVP is ready.

The look of your app

Of course, the features of the app determine its value for the users. However, it is almost equally important that the app has an appealing user interface for your users. In order to create the perfect user interface, it is essential to know who your users will be. But knowing the end-user is not enough. Once the interfaces are built it is important to talk to them and get feedback on the way your app looks and feels. This step can be done during the development phase or after the functionality is built.

Publishing your app

In the beginning, you dealt with the question on which platform your app should be launched. This question is important in the publishing step too. As the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store have different criteria that need to be fulfilled when you want to publish an app in their store. If you want to know the exact process you can either check these links: How to Publish Android App on Google Play Store in 10 Steps, Launch iOS apps in the App Store: The Complete Guide or get in touch with us as we will kindly guide you through the process.

If you have any further questions left or you want to build and publish your own app don't hesitate to contact us.