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5 Tips and Tricks to improve your Search Engine Ranking

In our last blog, we discussed how you can improve sales through your website . One prerequisite for this is to have traffic on your website in the first place. Today people use the internet and more specifically search engines (e.g. Google) when they are looking for information. So in the ideal case when they do that they land on your website because you provide just the perfect solution. But how do you appear on the radar?
The answer to this is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is the organic way of ranking high on google search. If you are not familiar with the topic check our blog on Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

Today we want to share 5 tips or tricks to improve your SEO ranking

Content is king

As already stated in the sales blog it is crucial that you create high-quality content that offers value to the people. When now connecting this with search engines it is important that you use phrases that people would search for. So, take your time and think of the questions and keywords people might and add this to your content. In essence, you want to find the keywords used by people that are searching for something. However, as with most things in life don’t overdo it. Avoid keyword stuffing and create texts that are still good to read.

It’s not a sprint but a marathon

When trying to improve search rankings be aware that this is a long-term project and it requires consistency. Find a frequency that is suitable and allocate time to create new content and check the validity of old content. A very popular method to do this is a blog. At regular frequency, you publish articles on topics that your potential users could be concerned with. Since you are an expert in your field you should be able to create high-quality content and also know what questions people typically ask you. This way the process of creation should be easier for you and also consume less time.

Technical Optimization

Don’t be scared right away because it says technical. These three tips can usually be performed quite easily. First, make sure your website has the appropriate page speed. The users shouldn't have to wait for long to see and read the content. A good point to start with are images because at times they can be quite large. So take some time to check their size. A rule of thumb a fullscreen image should still not be larger than 1 MB, but it shouldn’t reduce quality too much.

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Second, encrypt your website using an SSL certificate. The search engine crawlers will otherwise punish the lack of it. Also, it is a better user experience when the user doesn’t have to see a message that your website might not be secure.

Images and videos are always a great way of making the content more appealing. When inserting media there is the option of adding an alt tag to it. Unlike us humans the crawlers don’t have eyes and can not see the video or image. The alt tag aims is used to describe the content of the media to the crawler so that it is able to evaluate its importance.

Nice to Know

Youtube is the second largest search engine after Google

Lastly and most importantly, your website has to be optimized for mobile. Today search engines are mostly operated through portable devices. Therefore, the mobile-first era was introduced and mobile responsiveness is a high priority.

Links, Links & Links

One of the best ways to improve search engine rankings is a good utilization of links. In general, there are two types. First, there are internal links that link individual pages of your own website with each other. Search engines reward this type of link but it also increases user experience as it enables easier navigation for the user. Additionally, the user might find something interesting and it increases the time that he spends on your website.

Second, there are external links from other websites that link to your page. These links are very valuable but it requires a bit more effort to get them. You can think of these links as a recommendation of a friend for a good restaurant. Most people naturally trust these recommendations. It is similar for search engines if they see that your page is linked by many others they imply high-quality content and therefore reward this in the search results.

There are plenty more tricks to improve your search engine rankings and we will continue to publish them. However, if you have an immediate question, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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